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    A heat warning has been issued in Oregon. Find your local cooling centers here or call 211 for more info!

    • Every path to recovery is valid.

      Whether you are just starting out, are a family or friend, or are in long-term recovery, you are not alone. Search the directory now or reach out for support.

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    Recovery is for everyone

    I found recovery through Wellbriety here in the Portland area.

    Dorian A

    When we try to dictate what recovery means for another we cause great harm, possibly even death through exclusive practices that denies agency, resources, and opportunity.

    Kiki M

    I finally bought into recovery and treatment and recognized that I could not do it alone – that I needed a recovery community.

    Chuck H

    If you're new please hang in there it's possible to get clean and stay clean so come on in and just stay.

    Micki B

    • About RNO

      Recovery Network of Oregon exists as a community response to the addiction crisis in Oregon and works to connect people to the care and communities they need to recover from substance use disorders.

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